ON Notice to Terminate Tenancy at Term End - Form N8

This Notice to Terminate a Tenancy at the End of Term can be used when a landlord evicts a tenant at the end of a tenancy.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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Terminating Tenancy at The End of An Agreement Period

The ON Notice to Terminate Tenancy at Term End – Form N8 can be used when a landlord evicts a tenant at the end of an agreement. This form can only be used when a lease agreement has come to an end. There are other forms required when a landlord wishes to evict a tenant during the lease agreement period.

The possible reasons for using this form to terminate tenancy include the tenant:

  • Being persistently late in paying rent,
  • No longer qualifying to live in public or subsidized housing,
  • Is living in a property that was made available as a condition of employment that has ended,
  • Was given the rental agreement in good faith as a result of an Agreement of Purchase and such agreement has been terminated,
  • Occupying the space solely to receive rehab or therapeutic services and this period has ended.

This notice can only be used in Ontario and does not apply to other provinces or areas. Landlords can find out more about the laws and regulations that also apply to Ontario by reading the Residential Tenancies Act.

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Using The Notice

Landlords will deliver this notice to the tenant and include all of the information about the property and both parties involved so there can be no confusion about what needs to happen or about which agreement of tenancy is being terminated.

Tenants will find on this form the date that they need to have vacated the property by, their personal contact details, the contact details of the landlord, and the details regarding the reason their tenancy is being terminated.

This information is included to keep the tenant informed of why the tenancy is being terminated as well as to provide proper documentation of the proceedings should there need to be legal action taken in the case of non-compliance.

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