Nova Scotia Security Deposit Claim

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This form is important for landlords who are dealing with a tenant who will not give consent in writing for the landlord to keep any part of security deposit.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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If neither the landlord nor tenants agree in writing on how the disposition of a security deposit will be made, then it shall be paid with one check payable to ALL tenants, joint and several and sent to the forwarding address that was provided by the tenants. If the tenants do not provide a forwarding address within one year after vacating the rental premises and after a 45 day statutory period ends, the remaining amount of that security deposit shall be turned over to the Commonwealth and will be paid into the Commonwealth of Virginia’s state treasury and credited to the Virginia Housing Partnership Revolving Fund. Once this occurs, the landlord is absolved of all responsibility to the tenant regarding the security deposit.

The Nova Scotia Security Deposit Claim

This notice may only be used in the specific case when a landlord wishes to retain a portion or all of the security deposit and the tenant will not consent to this in writing. The landlord may wish to keep this deposit as compensation for unpaid rent or damages to the property. Whether one or both of these reasons apply, this claim must be filed within 10 days of terminating the lease.

If the security deposit does not cover the costs of what they have lost in rent or property value then they may file a different form to seek the balance from the tenant.

What To Do With The Notice

Once the claim has been completed it must be given to the Director of the Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations. The office of the Director will make sure the claim is considered and then they will respond to each party regarding the validity of the claim.

The Time To File

It is important that landlords file this form within 10 days of the lease agreement coming to an end or being terminated. This is part of following the lawful procedures and will ensure the landlord has the best chance to keep and acquire the amount of money they are owed.

The Details

This security deposit claim includes the instructions and what the tenant and the landlord need to do in order to resolve this issue. The details of this form include:

  • The address of the leased property,
  • The names and addresses of both the landlord and tenant,
  • A description of the deductions and the costs,
  • Deposit accounting,
  • Possible space for the tenant to agree to the claims.

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