Offensive Odors

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If an unpleasant scent is emanating from your rental property, you can use Ezlandlord Forms "Offensive Odors" form to notify your tenant.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Offensive Odors

The nose often knows best. If you notice, or someone else reports, a strong or offensive odor coming from one of your rental properties, it’s time to take action. Whether the smell comes from cooking, garbage, lack of cleanliness or something more sinister (and in that case, we don’t want to know), it could be a sign that your property is not being properly maintained. Our Offensive Odors notice is a clear, concise and professional way of informing your tenant that the air needs to be cleared.

Although offensive odors can be a problem in any property, they may be especially bothersome in multi-unit buildings where tenants are living in close proximity to one another. If you’re getting complaints, use this document to notify the tenant that the terms of the lease have been violated because unpleasant odors coming from the rental property have been reported. The notice demands that the odors be eliminated immediately and that full cooperation is expected.

Because the Offensive Odors notice is editable, however, you can add whatever additional language is needed to convey your message. If, for example, you would like to include details about the type of odor and how you would like the situation remedied, you may do so. Our editing tools allow you to

  • make your text bold, italicized or underlined
  • adjust the font size
  • add bulleted lists (like we just did!)

This document is also designed with auto-fill fields, allowing you to quickly and easily customize it for whatever property and tenants you choose. Once you create the document, simply click the property and tenant name and the Document Builder Wizard will automatically enter the correct addresses in the final version of the form. Your pre-selected custom logo will also appear on the page, although air freshener, sadly, is not included.

Please note that the Offensive Odors notice does not satisfy legal requirements for eviction filing. To comply with local regulations, please see our Eviction Notices.