Lead Paint Pamphlet (EPA) for Units Built Before 1978 (1b)

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(1b) Required for properties built prior to 1978. Use this Lead Paint Pamphlet to protect and inform your tenants about the potential dangers of lead paint exposure and fulfill regulatory requirements.

Document Last Modified: 12/14/2023

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Landlords are mandated to provide information to tenants usually pertaining to information about certain conditions potentially found in rental properties. One such mandate landlords are required to provide is the lead-based paint pamphlet. Landlords throughout the US and Canada must all abide by this mandate as a protective measure for all tenants who rent properties built prior to 1978. Many older homes contain traces of lead paint, which has been shown to have some negative effects on health. In all states and provinces, property owners of residences built prior to 1978 are required to distribute educational literature informing tenants about the dangers of lead paint exposure. This easy-to-understand illustrated pamphlet sets forth the pertinent information clearly and is fully compliant with all EPA regulatory guidelines.

This handy ezLandlordForm’s informative document is mandatory when dealing with properties built before 1978. The Lead Paint Pamphlet includes the proper information for safety when it comes to lead based paint. It explains the health effects that lead may cause, as well as how lead can enter the body. This pamphlet includes the information to contact an inspector when dealing with this harmful chemical. It also explains how lead enters the body and to what organs it is most detrimental.

Lead-based paint is reportedly most harmful to children. While all tenants should be given the information, landlords should take special care in ensuring parents not only receive the information, but that landlords go over the information with them. It is also mandatory that landlords have tenants sign the accompanying disclosure form simply acknowledging receipt of the information.

Because exposure to lead can be extremely harmful. landlords MUST give ALL tenants the Lead Paint Pamphlet as well as the Lead Paint Disclosure.

Copies of tenant signatures on the lead-based paint disclosure should be maintained in landlord’s active files at all times.