Get Out Safely - A Factsheet on Fire Escape Planning (from

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The Get Out Safely - Factsheet on Fire Escape Planning allows you to guide your tenants through the planning of an escape, incase of a fire.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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House fires can be devastating for both the landlord and the tenants. Personal items, valuables, and even pets can face serious danger when a fire occurs in a residence. The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) believes that having a solid escape plan will reduce deaths caused by fires and protect the tenant's safety if a fire does occur.

The main objective of having a fire escape plan is to get out quickly. Every second counts so, do not waste a single one. Flame sizes can get out of control very rapidly and can threaten lives just as quickly.

One never knows when a fire is going to occur, it is important that landlords and tenants plan for many types of situations. Practice makes perfect! Planning, practicing and discussing what to do in case of a fire is vital. Tenants should be aware of the layout of the room, in case they must rely on another sense to help them exit other than sight as that may be limited. The very best plans include multiple ways to exit each individual's room. A tenant can never be sure where they will be at the time of the fire.

The U.S. Fire Administration also recommends that all tenants know how to manipulate and safety features that can hinder exiting. Features such as security bars and locks on windows, although provide safety from some things, they can be deadly if a fire were to occur.

Tenants should always be aware of who is in the residence as exiting is one of the most important things. Although seeing personal property being damaged can be difficult, do not waste time saving it. The U.S. fire administration recommends that families designate a meeting spot to meet, in case of a fire. This will lessen the confusion and chaos of accounting for all tenants.

Notify the local fire station is most important. A tenant cannot battle a fire alone. Once someone has made it out of the burning building, it is best that they stay out. Firefighters are equipped to handle situations like these and can perform rescues in a safe manner.