Commercial Sign Addendum

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Use the ezLandlord Forms Commercial Sign Addendum to establish rules and regulations for a lessee using a sign on the premises.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Most businesses will find the need for signs and signage. It is a large source of marketing and advertising. Each locality possesses their own set of regulations, whether it be the dimensions, over-all size, how it may be installed or in some townships, even the color may be controlled. Although this generally will become the tenant’s issue, the landlord will need to be sure to not only understand any sign restrictions that may exist but can themselves often be fined (even if it is a tenant who misinterprets or neglects to adhere to any of the imposed constraints).

Remember, signs are more than those hanging in obvious places- even graphics adhered to windows or doors are considered signage in many local townships, cities or boroughs; all coming with their own set of particulars. The ez Landlord Forms “Commercial Sign Addendum”, provides a landlord the perfect opportunity to set up guidelines for proper signage for his or her rental property. Not only does this addendum provide great language to protect the landlord against any costs or fines associated with improper signage but also offers a section for the landlord to specify any sign or signage requirements. That is because it is a completely editable template. This form is automatically attached to the commercial lease package or can be used to amend an existing agreement.

This form comes filled automatically with the names of the parties, addresses and the date. Make any changes or additions in the document text box, then off to your next step by clicking on the blue button designated by the text “Create and Print Document”. Choose your rental property from your list and then continue to create and print your “Commercial Lease Sign Addendum”.

TIP: TO customize this addendum from within the Lease Builder Wizard, go to Step 7 (Additional Documents) and click on customize to the right of the listed sign addendum and make your changes. Your changes save and the document is automatically attached to your lease.