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Now with eSign!!!! Our commercial lease agreement is both flexible and easy: completely customizable for experts, yet simple for casual commercial landlords.

Document Last Modified: 11/14/2016

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Now with eSign!!! Commercial real estate ownership can be extremely lucrative – for landlords who protect themselves legally. While most commercial lease agreements are cumbersome, unreadable behemoths written in legalese, our attorney team stripped out all but the most necessary legalese (there to protect the landlord), and in its place we added understandable text that actual human beings can understand.

Whether you manage office space, a restaurant/bar, retail space or any other type of commercial property, our flexible lease wizard can create the perfect commercial rental agreement for your specific needs. We have plenty of defaults to make things easy, but when standard is not good enough, we let you change the settings and add in your own custom clauses.

Want to charge a holdover fee? No problem. Have the tenant pay for real estate taxes? We have you covered. Require the tenant to maintain their own liability insurance? Click of a button. Don't want to worry about any of that? Then you can just ignore those options entirely.

Nor do we stop with just the lease contract itself. The best commercial lease in the world (which ours is) still often needs supportive documents, such as a Personal Guarantee when a business is the tenant, or a Property Condition Checklist for documenting the condition at move-in and move-out.

Because you don't want to rent to a deadbeat or an axe murderer, we also offer tenant credit reports and criminal background checks. Here's a hint: if you buy access to our forms (such as this commercial lease form), we'll give you a discount on the tenant screening reports, to the tune of $24.95 per tenant instead of the regular $29.95 (the price includes both the credit report and criminal check).

Managing commercial real estate is hard enough without making the leasing process difficult too. With our easy tenant screening and simple-yet-flexible commercial lease wizard, you'll have an airtight lease contract signed with the perfect tenant in no time.

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