BC Rent Increase Notice (RTB-7)

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This is the suggested form used by the Landlord to notify a Tenant of a rent increase. The Landlord must give the Tenant at least three months notice.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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While many aspects of owning property and being a landlord may have changed over time, there are some things that remain constant. Over time, rental rates are prone to increases along with other costs and property values. Controls and laws applied to rent increases help ensure that the rental rates are not raised too often or by too great a margin, and that the increase is clearly communicated to the tenant. For landlords in British Columbia, the landlord can be sure to stay within the confines of the law regarding rent increases by using the BC Rent Increase Notice. The document prompts the landlord to complete all of the necessary information within the requisite time frames to help ensure the rent increase is enacted properly. This required form must be served as described in the British Columbia Residency Act to be in compliance. The BC Rent Increase Notice gives the landlord step-by-step instructions to complete this document accordingly.

The two-page document requires the landlord to fill in specific details. Property and contact information must be provided for both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord must also indicate the date of the most recent rent increase, or, if this is the first rent increase during the tenancy, the date that the rent was established. It is also important to explicitly state the exact date when the new rental rate payment is due.

When increasing the rent for a rental unit in British Columbia, the landlord is required to give at least three months’ notice. The province has specific instructions regarding what constitutes three months’ notice, with specific examples provided within this document.

At the bottom of the form, tenants who believe they may have a dispute against the delivered rent increase notice are directed to the proper channels to learn more about the applicable regulations or to proceed with a dispute.

Quick tip: The top of this document gives the landlord specific instructions as to how to fill out this form. Landlords are advised that the document may be completed via the computer or can be printed out and completed using pen. A combination of these methods may also be used and is allowable.

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