BC Mutual Agreement to End a Tenancy (RTB-8)

This form provides the landlord and tenant a way to mutually agree to end the tenancy.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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Mutually Ending A Tenancy

There are situations in which the landlord and the tenant may wish to mutually end the tenancy agreement earlier than originally agreed. To make this happen, landlords should use the BC Mutual Agreement To End A Tenancy (RTB- 8). This is the form that should be used when there is no dispute or lease agreement that warrants the tenancy being terminated. This form is only used when both parties agree to end the agreement without dispute.

What Does This Form Include?

This form essentially has all of the information needed to inform the Residential Tenancy Branch of the Office of Housing and Construction Standards of the parties involved, gives information about the property and provides the date for the tenant to have vacated the property. This form more specifically includes the:

  • Address of the property in question,
  • Contact details of the landlord,
  • Contact details of the tenant,
  • The time and date the tenant will have vacated the property,
  • Signatures of all involved parties.

All of this information leaves no questions to be asked by the governing body or by either party as to what agreement is being made, who is making it and when.

Completing The Form

This mutual agreement can be filled in digitally and then printed and signed or it can be filled out by hand. In either case it will be clear that both parties have agreed to the tenancy termination, as each party is required to sign.

Armed With Information

Landlords and tenants alike will be better in their roles with more information, tips and knowledge about their rights and responsibilities. Both parties should be wary of how their roles are governed in British Columbia by visiting: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/housing-tenancy/residential-tenancies

Both parties can also find out more from the experts at EZ Landlord Forms that have lived through the most peaceful and the most difficult landlord-tenant relationships. These professionals have written about their experiences in articles and detailed some advice and tips that can be found by going to: https://www.ezlandlordforms.com/articles/news/

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