Zero Tolerance for Criminal Activity

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Document Last Modified: 6/6/2023

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Take a proactive stance against criminal activity in your rental properties with this statement of zero tolerance. Many landlords and property managers feel that once a tenant has been screened, their due diligence has been completed and the buck stops there. These same landlords and property managers have been shocked to discover that their carefully-screened tenants have been dabbling in illegal activities, and worse yet, they were powerless to remove the tenants due to a lease agreement that failed to prohibit criminal activity as a breach of lease. Any type of criminal activity can have a negative impact on a landlord, tenant, or rental property. It is important for a landlord to discourage all types of illegal activities. Protect your rental property and community from the very beginning of the rental relationship with this firmly-worded warning.

The document informs tenants that violations of the law such as domestic disturbances, drug trafficking, and any type of gang related activity constitute a default of the lease agreement and will end with an eviction as the outcome. It also requires the tenant to call the police/emergency services if any illegal activity is observed. This form not only applies to the tenant, but the tenant’s visitors/guests as well.

This form can be included in the lease in the ezLandlord Forms’s Lease builder Wizard in the Residential Lease Package. It may also be printed out separately. Both the landlord and tenant should sign this form before the start of a tenancy, or after a problem with potential criminal behavior has been noted. This ezLandlordForms’ Zero Tolerance for Criminal Activity is a straightforward warning that no criminal behavior will be tolerated on the rental premises. The form should be used with all tenants to clearly indicate that landlord/property manager will not tolerate any criminal activity from tenant or tenant’s visitors/guests.