Watercraft/Travel Trailer Parking Permission

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Use this form to establish firm guidelines for watercraft/travel trailers and help keep parking problems at bay during the tenancy.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Many localities place heavy restrictions, (especially in largely residential populated areas) regarding the parking of large vehicles such as travel trailers and even personal watercraft. These restrictions along with a lack of available space for parking make it difficult and sometimes not permitted to either store or park these types of vehicles. If you are a landlord, you most likely have dealt with this issue either in the past or even in a current situation.

The Watercraft/Travel Trailer Parking Permission document provides all the landlord will need to establish the proper guidelines for storage, placement, and management of a large vehicle on the rental premises, as well as for limiting the landlord’s risk for liability. It is in the landlord’s best interest to do all that can be done to limit their exposure to liability as well as legal claims or complaints. Having the right document in place can do this.

This form notifies the tenant that he/she must obtain any, and all permits required by the local authorities before storing the watercraft or trailer on the premises. The last surprise any landlord wants to receive is a notice from their township with that big red warning that a fine may be instigated against them. Even though your tenant may be the one who is actually responsible, there are many locales that attach the blame to the owner of the premises.

This form can be attached to a lease or furnished before or during the lease term and makes sure that the tenant stipulates the description, make, model, year and size of the watercraft/travel trailer. This form will can be used when a tenant has any type of a sizeable vehicle, whether it be watercraft, travel trailer or other large recreational vehicle from commercial big rigs to a row boat on a trailer. What’s more? This document is fully customizable. Change, remove or add your own text. This means it can fit your circumstances perfectly.