Unauthorized Pet Lease Violation

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The Unauthorized Pet Lease Violation is used to notify tenants and demand immediate correction of an unauthorized animal on the premises.

Document Last Modified: 7/27/2022

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Unauthorized Pet Lease Violation

Although you might love animals -- whether furry and four-legged (anything with more than four legs we’re not so sure about), finely feathered or scaly and slithering -- you may not want them in your rental unit. If the signed rental agreement expressly prohibits pets and you discover them on the property, you’ll want to let the tenant know in no uncertain terms that the lease has been violated.

Our Unauthorized Pet Lease Violation is a clearly-worded document that notifies the tenant that you are aware an unauthorized pet has been living on the property, which is a violation of the lease. It further states the pet must be removed immediately and that failure to comply could result in eviction and removal from the property as well as additional court and attorney fees.

Because this is a completely customizable document, however, you can adjust the wording of the notice as you desire by easily adding your own custom text. If like us, you find it hard to resist sad puppy eyes, you may decide to offer the tenant the option to keep the pet but with increased rent, an additional deposit or other lease modifications.

The auto-fill fields make the Unauthorized Pet Lease Violation a snap to prepare. Simply create the document and select the appropriate property and addresses -- the information will be automatically inserted and will appear in the final downloaded version of the document.

If you need to make changes, you can easily recreate the document and make the necessary edits. You can save the Unauthorized Pet Lease Violation to your ezLandlordForms account so you can access it later as well as have a record of when it was used.

This document also contains state-assist guidelines to help you comply with local regulations. The green shaded boxes contain any pertinent information about your state’s requirements regarding the use of this form. Don’t you just love how we do all of the heavy thinking for you?

Please note that the Unauthorized Pet Lease Violation does not satisfy legal requirements for eviction filing. Please view our Eviction Notices for documents that meet these requirements.