Security Alarm System Installation Policy and Permission

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Use this form to clarify your guidelines for the installation, upkeep, and ongoing service of an on-site security alarm system at a rental property.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Residing in a safe environment is often on the minds of tenants, regardless of the community or neighborhood. An on-site security system can do a lot to enhance renters’ safety and peace-of-mind, but it’s important to make sure the property is protected from harm, as well. If the tenant is interested in procuring a security alarm system for the premises, a landlord should add this addendum to the standard lease to set forth his/her guidelines and rules for the installation process -- and beyond.

The ezLandlordForms’ Security Alarm System Installation Policy and Permission addendum will inform the tenant of the guidelines and directions he/she must follow to install a security alarm system. The form states that the landlord only grants a professional installation company to install the security system, after the tenant obtains liability insurance. The form includes that the tenant must disclose the security passcode and phrase of the security system. The form also includes a section for the tenant to add which security alarm system they used, and the company’s contact information.

It is always recommended to take the appropriate steps to ensuring safety in one’s home. This ezLandlordForms’ Security Alarm System Installation Policy and Permission addendum will give the tenant the permission he/she needs to provide safety in their home by adding a security system. The landlord will use this form at the lease signing, or when an existing tenant requests permission for the installation of a security alarm system. This lease addendum explains the terms and conditions for having a security system installed on-site.

NOTE: This form is editable so anything the landlord would like to remove or add is applicable. This form can be used alone, or it can be selected as an addendum through the lease builder wizard.