Roommate Lease Addendum

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The Premium ezLandlord Form's Roommate Lease Addendum will draw out all of the rules and regulations for the roommates living in the unit.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Renting to unrelated individuals or roomies can create some sticky situations. The last thing any landlord wants or needs is to be a mediator or a go-between. The ezLandlordForm's state specific lease contains a “Joint and Several Liability” clause which does assist with roommate situations by stating that everyone is jointly and singularly responsible to uphold the terms and conditions in the lease. This ezLandlordforms premium addendum adds even more assurances and draws out all the significant specifications and rules for renting to roommates.

The landlord will attach this Roommate Lease Addendum to the rental agreement if he/she is dealing with roommates. This strictly worded addendum defines all the responsibilities of all the roommates, including communications, financials, and other important requirements for living in the rental unit as roommates. Roommates shall agree with the terms and conditions specific to their situation in addition to all the terms and conditions of the Lease Agreement.

Where a landlord may have many tenants who generally are unrelated and living as roommates, there are additional concerns to address than if you are renting to a married couple or family. How to handle the security deposit to what happens when there are disagreements can all be effectively addressed in this rider to the lease so that any misgivings are avoided.

So it is easy to see that when a landlord is leasing out his or her investment property to tenants who will share the responsibility as roommates, it is imperative to include this form in the lease agreement. This ez LandlordForm's Roommate Addendum shall exist alongside the lease agreement for the leased premises. This is an editable addendum which gives the landlord flexibility to change any terms, add new ones, or remove terms he/she does not agree with. This form is signed by both the landlord and the tenants.

TIP: Make sure that each tenant named in the lease in roommate situations receives their own copy of the lease and all addenda.