Rental History Inquiry

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This ezLandlordForms Premium Rental History Inquiry form will allow the landlord to obtain information about applicants' previous rental history.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Most landlords would agree that a tenant’s past actions are often the best predictor of his or her future behavior. Use this rental history inquiry to find out how well your applicant has handled the responsibility of renting in the past. This must-have is detrimental to the application process. It makes a simple and straightforward request for applicable information from past property managers, asking for details such as payment history, problems with neighbors, damage, deposit return, court action, and eviction.

Before renting out your investment property, you want to know as much as possible about the people you are renting to. In addition to checking their lease history, it is strongly suggested that you run a background check on rental applicants as well, including both a credit check and criminal history.

The Premium ezLandlord Form’s Rental History Inquiry form allows the landlord to get knowledge of any pertinent information from the tenant’s prior landlord. Paying rent on time is important but equally significant is how a tenant maintained his living space, or whether or not rules were adhered to; this form addresses these issues as well. This verification form also keeps the landlord aware if their applicant had any past evictions.

TIP: It is sad to say, but some applicants are pretty savvy at trying to hide a dreadful past rental history by creating a fake landlord out of a relative or a friend. To circumvent this situation, ask for canceled rent checks or do a search on the Internet of the property address to be sure the owner is who has been listed on the application.

During the application process, a landlord will get information on previous landlords. After the tenant consents, the landlord may use this form to contact any past landlords to obtain a complete rental history inquiry. The form gives the landlord the option to send it to the landlord via mail, email or fax or use the form as a tool in order to conduct a telephone interview.