Rental Application Approval

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Did your potential tenant meet all of your application requirements? Give them the good news with this straightforward Rental Application Approval.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Application Approval

You know that anxious feeling you get whenever you’re awaiting test results of any kind? Whether you’re anticipating the results of a medical exam or have just taken your vehicle in for diagnostic testing, anxiously awaiting a response is never a good feeling. Well, it’s the same feeling your tenants have when they’re standing by for the results of their application to your rental property. Don’t keep your prospects on hold any longer; share the good news with them with the ezLandlord Forms Application Approval notice. You can snail mail it or e-mail it, it’s your choice.

After properly going through the Tenant Screening process, you will have more insight on whether you would like to rent to your selected applicants, or not. If you decided not to rent to the applicant you can serve them with the Rental Application Denial form. Otherwise, you can confidently present your applicant with this ezLandlord Forms Application Approval form.

The application approval form sets the tone for your new tenant that you are happy to welcome them to your property, and that you are a well-organized and competent landlord. First impressions are indeed lasting and you want tenants to feel comfortable from the start that they’ve made the right decision by renting from you.

The ezLandlord Forms application approval form allows you to reiterate the lease start date and rental amount as well as any other terms initially discussed with the tenant. The form is editable which makes it completely customizable. This allows you to edit the language and gives you the option to add that personal touch.

Judges and magistrates love organized landlords who, through their meticulous documentation, show the judges they know what they’re doing. We hope you never have to prove your competence as a landlord however, if you ever do, you’ll be setting a great example from the start by utilizing the application approval form.