Prohibited Motor Vehicle

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A Prohibited Motor Vehicle notice is used to let your tenant know that an illegal vehicle needs to be removed from your rental property.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Prohibited Motor Vehicle

Although keeping a car or other vehicle at a rental property is not usually a problem, it can be if the vehicle in question is in disrepair, has not been inspected or registered or is otherwise not allowed according to the terms of the lease because it is clearly a party van violating every motor safety law known to man. If you discover a vehicle matching one or more of those descriptions parked on your property, then a Prohibited Motor Vehicle notice is a way to let your tenant know that it needs to be removed.

The Prohibited Motor Vehicle notice states that a vehicle that is unregistered, uninspected or in need of repair is located on the leased premises and as such is a violation of the lease. It lets the tenant know in no uncertain terms that all vehicles must be registered and inspected as required by local and state regulations. It also explains that vehicles in need of repair may not be parked on the leased property.

Because a motor vehicle requiring repair may cause damage to a driveway parking area, putting the tenant on notice to address the problem is important. This document states that any damage sustained to the leased property will be the responsibility of the tenant and that, if the issues are not addressed, the prohibited vehicle will be towed (bad) at the owner’s expense and/or eviction proceedings (really bad) may begin.

This document may be customized to meet your particular circumstances. Once you create it, you can add, delete or otherwise modify the text as you desire. Our magical wizardry auto-fill feature makes it easy to select the property, tenant and addresses -- simply click on the appropriate boxes and the information will automatically be inserted in the document. If you need to make changes, the document can be recreated quickly to allow for any modifications. Kind of like adding chrome wheels to your ride.

It is important to note that the Prohibited Motor Vehicle notice does not satisfy legal requirements for eviction filing. To make sure you are in compliance with local regulations, please see our Eviction Notices.