Phone Screening Ledger

4.3 Stars

Use this convenient phone screening form to keep track of prospective tenant's information that you need to efficiently manage the selection process.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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It’s a great idea to keep track of the phone calls you make to and receive from your rental prospects. We believe we have the perfect tool to capture that activity with our Phone Screening Ledger which comes ready to print in a sheet of six.

It is important when you are screening over the phone and/or scheduling appointments to obtain pertinent information. Our Phone Screening Ledger allows you to do just that. You will never forget a prospect’s details again when you use the form to capture information about your prospects wants and desires for their rental home.

Besides a great way to build rapport, it is a wonderful follow-up tool as well. When you have spoken to a prospect who is not quite ready to visit your property, or one who has visited, but has not quite decided to lease from you, the phone screening ledger can be a great tool to pull out a few weeks or so later to follow-up with them. They will be impressed that you have remembered so many details about your conversation and their visit (if applicable).

Our Phone Screening Ledger is easy and user friendly as well as an unbelievable timesaver. Find out everything you need to know to make a quick decision on the go. By asking a few relevant questions from the guided Phone Screening Ledger, you can let your prospective tenant know whether or not an appointment is needed. If, based on the screening, the tenant does not meet your criteria, you can share that information at that moment and save both of you the time it would take for them to drive to your property and for you to show the property. Don’t you just love being efficient?