Personal Financial Statement (U.S.-Specific)

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This personal financial statement is used to collect detailed information about the finances, income and net worth of a prospective tenant.

Document Last Modified: 12/19/2019

Landlords should be sure of the financial health of a prospective tenant before renting out commercial spaces such as an office, warehouse, retail store or any space used as or for business purposes. Owners of high-end residential units should also confirm the personal finances of all applicants before signing a lease.

All prospective tenants should complete and sign a rental application form, and landlords of commercial and high-end residential rental units should collect more detailed information to ensure all bases are covered. The ezLandlordForms’ Personal Financial Statement not only collects the information for screening purposes, but if a tenant defaults a year later, landlords will know exactly what assets the tenant has to pursue accordingly. This is an essential form to collect before signing a commercial lease agreement.

For every landlord getting this information and keeping it in a safe place is instrumental. First in making sure that your prospective tenant or tenants are financially worthy of undertaking the monetary responsibilities of renting your business accommodations; and lastly, having this information on hand just in case things fly south, and you find yourself heading to court or in need of a collection's strategy.

This financial statement contains sections for contact information, company information, assets, liabilities along with several schedules covering bases such as bank accounts, stocks and retirement accounts and even miscellaneous owned items of value. Additionally, your applicant or if more than one, your applicants, will also complete information on any debts they have. This is including judgments and tax debts.

All of this is beautifully packaged on a sharp-looking form. Simply email or print out as many of the Financial Statements you need, and keep them on hand. Your applicants can complete it fully and sign the bottom. It will then be returned to the landlord, to complement other necessary tenant screening techniques, such as credit reports and criminal background checks, rental history and income verification.

IMPORTANT: When renting to an entity such as a corporation or limited liability company, have each member complete all sections.