Permitted Alterations & Improvements

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This form puts in writing the details of any agreement that the tenant may make alterations or improvements to the leased premises.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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New business means brand new changes! Each company or business has its own identity that comes in logos, signs and the look of the physical atmosphere. This may come with a set of specific alterations and improvements to the current surroundings. A McDonalds would not be a McDonalds fast-food restaurant without it’s cookie-cutter building, and its golden arches. Most companies will want to change the building in some way, shape or form. Whether it is a simple improvement or a large alteration, it is very important to have the permission and rules to abide by.

Ez Landlord Forms “Permission for Improvements and Alterations Addendum” attached to the commercial lease and provides permission for the tenant to make alterations, changes and / or improvements, in any detail.

The Tenant’s Permitted Improvements and Alterations form is totally editable so the wording may be changed, and language may be added. You may add your own text as to the specifications regarding any modifications to the building that have been agreed to in the “Allowed Improvements and Alterations:” section. This is located at the upper part of the text box.

With any type of building, structural or indoor modification and changes come a set of regulations from the state, local and even federal institutional organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

TIP: In order to make any type of improvements or alterations, generally there are permits and licenses that must be obtained. The Tenants "Permission for improvements and Alterations” form will inform the tenant that they must fulfill these requirements. Failure of the tenant to do so will constitute a violation of the lease agreement and could prove to be a serious issue.

After going through the editing, choosing the property and creation process, the landlord may completely preview the document and make any necessary changes before handing it over to the tenant.