Open Windows in Inclement Weather

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If your tenant is leaving windows open in poor weather conditions, protect your property with our Open Windows in Inclement Weather notice.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Open Windows in Inclement Weather

If the weather outside is frightful, you want to keep it there. Although you might assume that a tenant would automatically shut the windows if it’s raining, snowing or worse, that doesn’t always happen. Wet or windy weather can cause damage to your unit, so if you or someone else notices that your tenants have been keeping the windows open during those conditions, our Open Windows in Inclement Weather notice lets them know they need to batten down the hatches.

This document clearly informs your tenants that they are violating the terms of their lease by leaving windows open in inclement weather. It notifies them that doing so can waste energy, cause damage to the property and create a safety hazard. It further explains that their immediate attention to the matter is required, and that failure to respond could result in eviction and the additional expense of attorney and court fees.

Although our Open Windows in Inclement Weather notice is ready to use, you may wish to customize it by changing the existing language or by including additional text - simply type whatever changes you’d like to make. You can also use our editing tools to bold, italicize and underline text, change text size and color or add numbered lists and tables. The downloaded version of the form will be uniquely yours and will even include your custom ezLandlordForms logo at the top. How cool is that?

Because we live and breathe "easy," the Open Windows in Inclement Weather notice also includes our auto-fill feature, which means you don’t have type in addresses and names each time you create a document. After you make any text changes and click on the box next to the correct property address and tenants, the information will automatically be added to the final version of the document – love that. If changes need to be made, the document is easy to recreate.

Be aware that this form does not meet legal requirements for eviction filing. Please see our Eviction Notices to make sure you are in compliance with those requirements.