NL Termination Notice for Interference of Peaceful Enjoyment

This is a notice of termination used when a tenant or his guests, and/or invitees are loud, noisy or intrusive.

Document Last Modified: 1/30/2020

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NL Termination Notice for Interference of Peaceful Enjoyment

If you have a tenant in Newfoundland or Labrador who is noisy or intrusive, either through their own actions or through those of their family, friends, guests, and/or other invitees, you can serve them this form to give them notice of lease or rental agreement termination due to interference of peaceful enjoyment.

This termination notice is the last step that you will take as a landlord in Newfoundland or Labrador before you can apply to the Residential Tenancies Section for an Order of Possession form to terminate tenancy. You will serve this notice to any tenant who is making a lot of noise or otherwise causing a nuisance that interferes with one or more neighbors’ quality of life. This form also applies to tenants’ whose family, guests, and/or other invitees are causing disturbances on the premises.

Who: The landlord will give this notice to any tenant who has ignored a warning about noisiness or other disturbances and continues to behave offensively or to allow guests and invitees to conduct offensive behavior.

What: The Termination Notice for Interference of Peaceful Enjoyment is the final notice that the landlord is required to give to the tenant before beginning with the eviction process in Newfoundland or Labrador.

When: You must wait to give this notice to a tenant until AFTER you have previously issued a warning concerning noisy or offensive behavior. Once you have given warning at least once, you may then serve the tenant with a Termination Notice for Interference of Peaceful Enjoyment.

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IMPORTANT: If you have not previously given written warning, you may not want to serve your tenant a Termination Notice for Interference of Peaceful Enjoyment. If there is no evidence that you have attempted to address the issue with the tenant, the tenant may contest the eviction proceedings and attempt to take legal action. If, however, you can show a paper trail, including previous warnings, as well as this termination notice, then you will know that you are in good legal standing and that you can continue with the eviction so that you may move on to better tenants who will respect you and their neighbors.

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