Mold Prevention Addendum

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This Mold Prevention Addendum sets strict guidelines for the tenant, and advises on how to help prevent mold growth within the rental unit.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Mold is not good. It is unhealthy for inhabitants of the leased premises and it can ruin the property itself, reducing the value of the real estate investment. There are cases in law all about mold, its destruction and who is liable. Landlords living in areas more susceptible to mold and mildew such as those with high humidity should do all they can to limit their liability AND keep their tenants safe. According to the top ten states with mold issues are:
South Carolina
South Dakota
Surprisingly, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Alabama, Massachusetts and Minnesota had a lower rank for mold issues.

With the ever changing weather conditions, these statistics can change but every landlord should be acutely aware of mold at all times.

The ez Landlord Forms’ Mold Prevention Addendum states that the tenant is responsible for maintenance of the Leased Premises in a manner that prevents the occurrence of mold or mildew. This addendum sets strict guidelines for the tenant, and advises on how to help prevent mold growth within the rental unit. This is a protective document for every landlord! Mold can grow as a result of a tenant’s negligence. Make sure that the tenant is put on notice of such behavior. Your real estate investment is usually worth tens of thousands of dollars and generally hundreds of thousands.

IMPORTANT: Many states have enacted Mold Disclosure regulations. Please check with the green state assist boxes for any relevant information but also check with your local community housing or health and safety office.

**This document does not fulfill the disclosure requirements regulated by many states.
For instance, the state of Virginia has specific requirements of the landlord to notify the tenant of any visible mold within a rental unit and this must be accomplished before a tenant signs any lease or contract to rent. Accompanying this form with a Toxic Mold Disclosure form, where required is a perfect pair.