Marijuana Addendum

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Attach this one page addendum to a lease to spell out rules based on marijuana use and cultivation.

Document Last Modified: 8/2/2022

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In light of the advances and changes being made to the legalization of marijuana, it is necessary for the landlord to implement policies for tenants that rent from them. This addendum is completely edit-able and allows the landlord to create their own set of rules and regulations by using this template regarding the use of or cultivation of marijuana.

This addendum may be attached to a lease by simply by placing a check-mark on the left of the addendum title in Step 7 of the Lease Builder Wizard. In response, this addendum will become part of the lease package. Don’t forget that you may edit the actual text on this addendum. You will see that there is a step that takes you to a text box. You may add or delete any text that you desire.

There are currently 20 states where marijuana has been legalized in some way, shape or form. Even though these states have enacted “legal use” in their laws, terms and conditions; they all possess very specific conditions upon its use and cultivation. The federal government has not approved marijuana’s legal use.

One of the “sticky” situations is the use of medical marijuana. Many states permit its use and the landlord may get stuck in the middle by preventing medical use. Once again, it is imperative that if a landlord wants to enact complete prohibition of pot and its derivatives, proceed with caution and be familiar with the ever changing climate of this hot topic.

The disputes and matters currently being debated are and will have an effect on the landlord, tenant and marijuana use. Make sure that you understand the laws in your state. Whatever your own ideas and beliefs are surrounding the use of marijuana are irrelevant in staying in compliance with regards to landlord tenant law.