Late Rent - Demand for Payment

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The Late Rent - Demand for Payment notifies tenants that the rent is past due and must be paid. See our Eviction Notices page to fulfill state requirements.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Each rental period a landlord anticipatively awaits payment. Unfortunately, one of the negatives that comes with being a landlord is encountering a tenant who is late on rent. The exhausting task of reminding a tenant of overdue rent is an ongoing challenge for many property owners. Often a landlord will procrastinate in the hopes that by doing nothing the rent money will appear. Usually that is not the case. Every day that goes by without receiving the rent, is money lost. If a restaurant had all the diners pay them later for food they are eating now, they would go bankrupt. Let's face it, renting property is a business not a charity. Therefore, the daunting task of collection must be considered and planned. With the right tools, a landlord can save many headaches and frustration. Fortunately, a landlord can streamline the collection process with this handy ezLandlord Forms "Late Rent - Demand for Payment” form! In order to be timely and effective, this demand for payment should be sent to the non-paying tenant AS SOON AS THE PAYMENT IS PAST DUE!

The “Late Rent - Demand For Payment” is an editable form. This allows a landlord to add in custom text within the document to include any extra language, terms, and stipulations. This firmly-worded document notifies the tardy tenant that rent has yet to be received at the date presumed. The “Late Rent - Demand For Payment” form also includes the total amount due with any applicable fees, and warns the tenant it must be paid immediately! Use the “Late Rent - Demand for Payment” form to elicit a fast response from your tenants and if necessary, to document the steps leading up to eviction or other legal action.

Please Note: This notice is NOT an eviction notice. The Eviction Process Outline provides general information on the process of an eviction. Most states possess specific regulations for eviction notices.