Landscaping Violation

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If the property's lawn, grounds, or garden is not being maintained, notify tenants of their violation with the Landscaping Violation Notice.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Landscaping Violation

Unless you’re planning on providing a habitat for tigers, lush vegetation, climbing vines and tall grasses are better suited for the jungle than for your lawn. If your tenants have decided to let the yard go au naturel, it may be time to issue a Landscaping Violation notice.

An unkempt yard detracts from your property’s value and may even be in violation of local regulations or restrictions. It can also leave you with grouchy neighbors. If outside maintenance of the property is the tenant’s responsibility, the Landscaping Violation is way of giving notice that the terms of the lease are not being followed and that you expect a fix – fast.

This document clearly states that the rental property’s lawn and landscaping have not been maintained. It indicates that the lawn should be mowed and weeds removed on a regular basis. Additionally, it states that bushes and hedges are overgrown and should be pruned and trimmed.

Because this is a customizable document, you may add or delete sections of the notice as you see fit. If your property doesn’t have grass, feel free to delete any references to that in the notice. If there are fallen leaves that need to be raked, go ahead and tell the tenants they need to get busy. Our editing tools allow you to change text size and color, add bulleted lists and tables, modify the alignment and more, creating one sleek and snazzy document.

Although ezLandlordForms doesn’t do yard work, we do make creating this document fast and easy. Simply select the property and the tenant. Our auto-fill feature will automatically add your address as well as the tenant’s, and all of your modifications will be saved. To make changes, easily recreate the document and make the necessary adjustments. Sigh…if only all chores were this easy….

Please note that this document does not satisfy legal requirements for eviction filing. To make sure you are in compliance with local regulations, please view our Eviction Notices.