Hunting Lease Agreement

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The Hunting Lease Agreement should be created by a landlord who will rent out his property to a tenant solely for the purpose of hunting.

Document Last Modified: 5/21/2021

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This Hunting Lease Agreement is made by and between a landlord, who is the owner of the property and the renter who will gain access to the property solely for the purpose of hunting.

Whether granting access for a day, a season or many seasons, it's important to have a written agreement in place when a landowner and a hunter agree to allow hunting on private property. The lease agreement protects the hunter by giving them written proof that they have legal permission to hunt on the grounds, and protects the landlord/landowner by outlining strict rules for safety procedures and other restrictions.

In many regions of the United States, deer are dangerously overpopulated and are often cited as "the most dangerous animal in North America" given the far higher number of deaths caused each year by deer than by any other animal. Traditional predators of deer, including wolves and mountain lions, have been largely extinguished from all but the most remote areas. Allowing hunters to thin local deer populations serves as a natural check on local herds, and an eco-friendly, natural supply of meat for hunters. Landowners might even consider accepting rent in venison, rather than cash!

Regardless of how you accept your payment, or if you even charge a payment for allowing hunters to access your land, use this simple-but-comprehensive lease agreement to come to an agreement that serves both parties' interests and keeps hikers, nearby families and others safe.

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Who: Landowners and hunters who wish to access the grounds for hunting purposes only.

What: This is a Hunting Lease Agreement that is between the landowner, and the hunter who will be renting access to use the property solely for the purpose of hunting. The agreed-upon "rent" may be something other than money, such as "venison meat" or "neighborly good will".

When: Sign this Hunting Lease before allowing them to access to enter your property and hunt on the grounds.

IMPORTANT WARNING: The Hunting Lease is to be used at your own risk. Hunting and game laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and it is the landlord’s responsibility to make sure that use of this lease agreement shall comply with any state, province, county or local laws.