Free Rental Application (Print & Handwrite In)

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This two-page rental application should be completed by all prospective tenants over the age of 18 and all lease co-signers.

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Document Last Modified: 3/27/2023

State Specific Clauses

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You may not ask an applicant for marital status on the rental application.

Free Rental Application (Print & Handwrite In)

Good (and profitable) property management starts with vigorous tenant screening, which starts right here with collecting rental applications from all applicants. This comprehensive two-page rental application includes information on the applicant's income, employment, pets, references and other occupants, just to name a few. It also inquires about bankruptcies, judgments, evictions and other red flags from an applicant's past. Nor does it stop there - to properly screen tenants you'll want to contact references, employers and former landlords, and run credit and criminal background checks, which this rental application includes authorization to do.

The information that will be returned to you in this form will be extremely sensitive and private, so take care when storing it, and be sure to comply with all applicable privacy laws when collecting and reviewing this information.

How to send a Free Online Rental Application

1. Go to the Tenant Screening page and click, send a request.
2. Add the applicant's name(s) and email addresses.
3. Choose a Rental Application without screening (free) or with Tenant Screening.

Who: All potential tenants over 18 and all lease co-signers.

What: A comprehensive, multi-page rental application that asks a variety of background questions to help landlords and property managers make an informed leasing decision.

When: After prospective tenants show interest, have them complete this form before offering formal approval. To save time, you can e-mail the rental application to prospective renters to print and complete to bring with them to the property.

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Video to Share with New Tenants
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Note: This version is designed to be printed and completed by hand. We also offer a premium E-Signable Rental Application that can be emailed to applicants to be completed on their computer, e-signed and emailed back.