California 3-Day Notice to Quit for Incurable Lease Violation

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California Landlords should use this Notice, giving the Tenant 3-days to vacate the property, when a Tenant commits a serious Lease violation that cannot be cured.

Document Last Modified: 3/6/2024

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California Eviction Notices: 3-Day Notice to Quit

Landlords should use this 3-day notice when a Tenant has committed a serious Lease violation that cannot be cured. Examples of serious Lease violations include:

  • Engaging in illegal activities on the property - for example, selling drugs;
  • Causing or allowing a nuisance on the property - for example, a dangerous dog;
  • Negatively impacting the safety or health of others - for example, using toxic chemicals
  • Giving possession to subtenants; or;
  • Causing serious damage to the property that makes it significantly less valuable.

In these situations, Landlords should use a 3-day Notice with no option to cure the Lease violation. This gives the Tenant 3 days - not counting weekends or holidays - to vacate the property or face legal action.