BC Rental Condition Inspection Report (RTB-27)

This form allows you to document your inspection while complying with the Residential Tenancy Regulations of British Columbia.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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There are any number of items that can be damaged during a tenancy. Some damages occur from normal wear and tear, while others may be a result of improper or excessive usage by tenants. In either case, landlords and tenants both are equally concerned about the condition of the property upon move in as well as move out. British Columbia has specific forms for specific needs. The RTB-27 form is a condition inspection report for the beginning and the end of a tenancy.

The Landlord and Tenant or their representatives are to view the condition of the rental unit together and record the condition of the rental unit at the time of move-in and at the time of move out by the Tenant. The BC Rental Condition Inspection Report allows the British Columbia landlord and tenant the resources they need to properly inspect the rental unit. The form has two columns, one for the beginning of the tenancy and one for the end of the tenancy. The form is split up by room. It allows the landlord to include the inspection on the entry, kitchen, living room, dining room, the bedrooms and bathrooms, the basement, the exterior of the house and more. The last page of the form includes instructions on how to accurately complete the Rental Condition Inspection Report.

Both the landlord and the tenant must go through the rented premises and list the condition. This is a British Columbia Specific form. The bottom of the form includes contact information for British Columbia’s public information lines as well as the website to their Residential Tenancy Branch.

Landlords and Tenants or their representatives may use this form at the move in and move out date to inspect the rented premises. The British Columbia Condition Inspection Report is a checklist that allows both parties to properly record the condition of the rental unit..

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