Above Ground Pool Addendum

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This form prohibits Tenants from installing and/or using an above-ground pool on a rental property without the Landlord’s express written consent.

Document Last Modified: 9/24/2021

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An above-ground pool can be a source of confusion and frustration for Landlords and Tenants. Because this type of pool is not always considered a fixture, a Tenant might assume that they can use an above-ground pool without their Landlord’s permission.

However, an above-ground pool presents serious risks of personal injury and property damage. Plus, standard renter’s insurance does not protect against injuries or losses caused by an above-ground pool.

As a result, a Landlord needs to know if a Tenant plans to have an above-ground pool. Many Landlords simply won’t allow them. Others will allow them under certain conditions - for example, additional renter’s insurance, an additional waiver of liability, a pool deposit, etc.

This form lets Landlords avoid any confusion surrounding above-ground pools. It clearly outlines the risks associated with such pools and requires Tenants to get written consent from their Landlord before installing or using one.