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How can I prove this? Previous upstairs tenant became enraged when I asked her to be quiet at night so I could sleep. She behaved bizarrely always being above my head and pounding banging tapping and clanging metal and various childish noises to get revenge day and night. She kept me out of my bedroom at night by waking me up during the night, and out of the bedroom during the day so I could not bring my dog there to have a quiet nap. During the day she came up with a combination of thumping the floor and clanging something metal, directly above my head, for literally as long as I stay there. Very maddening. Her large adult son hammered on my door and threatened to beat me up. The landlord got her to move out after two months of torture But...there was a nasty surprise. Another woman moved in who did the very same pattern pounding banging tapping clanging metal and the childish noises! She doesn't know me. We never met. For her to begin the exact precise harassment pattern as the previous tenant can only be planned. Impossible to be a coincidence. Firstly why did she begin harassing me from her first day there and how could she imitate the other woman? I have constantly complained to the landlord on site and head office because I am constantly bombarded with her day and night barrages above my head whichever room I am in, day and into the night. I'm still living and sleeping in my living room with my dog. I have a ton of recordings and some videos. I rented a better recorder than my cellphone called Tascam 40. I have sent a lot to the landlord. I have begged them to come in and hear for themselves but they refuse. Lots of excuses. They claim they can't hear when they come which they won't do with me. They will not work with me! I continue to be harassed. I am 70 years old this year and live alone. Both women have harnessed and bullied me f9r a total 9f 4 months now and ongoing. The landlord will not give me the chance to verify the banging in my recordings by witnessing it in person. Just won't. As her pounding comes in spurts the police are not likely to hear for themselves. I don't have anyone to witness which would be so useful. They rebuff my invitations to hear it in person, and reject my recordings, and tell me no one is home during the day but I can someone there but they won't tell me if someone else goes in while she is at work,and generally seems to be working with the new tenant and against me. I'm told the new tenant is a landlord of a property where she was living and moved in here with only some bedroom furniture and put sheets on her windows as if she rushed in unprepared. Her experience with handling tenants along with my landlord present a wall to block my complaint. Could I even get fair honest treatment if I go to the Landlord Tenants Board? I am troubled at how blatant the woman upstairs bashes the floors day and night shows she has no fear of ant reprisal. Seems supported by the landlord to make me move out for no fault of my own and at my expense. I'm being harassed and bullied and cannot enjoy the peaceful use of my apartment. There are a lot of other details. How can I prove my recordings are real? What do I do now?
Brenda J, Canada on Saturday, March 30, 2019
RE: Being harassed day and night by upstairs neighbour but landlord won't stop it.
Posted by jahfwkwi j, on Wednesday, April 3, 2019
RE: Being harassed day and night by upstairs neighbour but landlord won't stop it.
Posted by jahfwkwi j, on Wednesday, April 3, 2019
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