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We has a tenant sign in January, she paid january & security deposit, & signed lease issues. Then February & March rolled around and after being patient with her, we had to serve her an eviction notice because she was 2 months behind on rent. On March 25th, we settled in mediation and she paid 2 months rent & court fees. Now April 4th is here and no payment attempts have been made, and she has until the 10th to pay. We tried calling, texting her and it went to voicemail and no response by text. This has been going on for over 3 weeks now. We been wanting to set up an appointment to inspect the property and for her to let us know about the making Aprils payment. I emailed her as well, and no response back from her. So because of no response, we called her emergency contacts on the rental application and got in touch with her sister. Her sister was giving us the BS, and not very helpful. I called her work number, and she was surprised that I called her, and hung up on her. After she hung up me, she responded to my email, and accused me of harassing her and calling the police. I am not worried, because I feel like i have done nothing wrong, but I simply responded with a nice and business addressed email stating the facts and clauses from the rental lease agreement. As for her, she has not been making herself look good in the courts eye, because she sign & agreed to a lease and is failing to uphold her responsibility in it. So my questions is, can I really have the police come after me? Does anybody have any advice for me? We have had this property for 10 years and she is our 3 rd tenant, this is the first time we had to deal with these kind of issues.
Doug B, GA on Thursday, April 4, 2019
RE: Tenant causing problems?
Hello. You have done nothing wrong. Just because the tenant threatens to call the cops doesn't mean your in the wrong. From this point on stop trying to contact her. Send her a letter to remit or vacant then file for a court date and have the Sheriffs department serve her with the court notice. What she going to do? Tell the cops to stop harassing her? This time, just tell the judge that all you want is money owed (back-rent) and for her to vacate. If she tries contacting you beforehand just ignore and tell your case to the judge. Good Luck.
Posted by Matthew M, IL on Monday, April 15, 2019
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