No. 10 Envelope to Tenant

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Prepare for written communications to your tenant in advance with these handy envelopes you can customize and print in seconds.

Document Last Modified: 1/30/2016

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Making Communication Easier

Communicating with a tenant, especially when there is more than one can be difficult in terms of staying organized and keeping all of the correspondence neat. Using the No. 10 Envelope to Tenant can make everything much easier for landlords.

There will be no more dealing with address labels or having to write everything by hand. Using these envelopes means essentially skipping a step. Landlords can use these pre-addressed envelopes to send any paperwork or information to tenants with ease.

How It Works

The information of the tenant simply needs to be put into the template form and the printer settings adjusted to fit the size of the envelope. The printer should be adjusted to 4.125” x 9.5” for this envelope. From there the envelopes can be printed when needed. They can also be printed in a large batch too, which can mean that landlords only need to use the template occasionally.

Added Benefits

In addition to making it easy to send written correspondence to tenants, choosing these envelopes over other methods means also:

  • Maintaining a professional look at all times,
  • Being able to print in bulk to have envelopes prepped for the future,
  • Being able to use the template for inputting the information of various tenants.

Landlords will always save themselves time with very little effort by printing these envelopes as needed or in large amounts. This means being a more effective property manager, especially if this role is not the only one that the landlord has in business.

Get Expert Help

Landlords that want to be the best and get the most out of their work should learn as much as possible about their role and responsibilities. There are obviously state laws and regulations to consider but insider information can only be found here:

The expert team at EZ Landlord Forms has put their experience and knowledge into easily digestible articles that provides landlords with useful advice.

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