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Navigating the world of real estate investments can be tricky to say the least. This is why we have taken your most frequently asked questions and handed them over to the experts. The answers will help make the foggy idea of building wealth through real estate much clearer.

What qualities define a good investment property??

At the risk of stating the obvious, a low buy-in price and either high potential rent or high after-repair value (ARV). Beyond that, most investors should stick with low-crime, low-vacancy neighborhoods, and avoid the risks of properties on the very low end.

Smart investors look for neighborhoods not completely saturated by homeowners, but not all renters either. Stick with working and middle class homes as a general rule, unless you intend to specialize in a niche such as student housing, apartment buildings, low-end, etc.

Investors without experience renovating properties should avoid properties in need ofRead More »

How Useful Are Delaware Series LLCs for Tax- & Asset Protection?

Every serious real estate investor reaches a point where they start to worry about being sued and having all of their hard-earned investments taken away by an ambulance chasing attorney and scheming tenant.

The first step many take is creating a limited liability company (LLC), which are easy and cheap to create, and which once upon a time may have actually, you know, limited someone’s liability in a lawsuit. The theory went that you createdRead More »

Understanding Rental Property Depreciation Before You Invest

One of the most touted benefits of owning rental property is a reduced income tax bill. But how exactly does that work? One great way to pay less in taxes is to depreciate your rental property.

Properties, without any repairs, have a limited lifespan. As they deteriorate under wear and tear, the theoretical value of the building and its components gradually decreases. To offset this (again, theoretical) decrease in value and the initial purchaseRead More »

Want Better Cash Flow? Slash Your Property Tax Assessment

If your latest property tax bill has left you reeling – or at least scratching your head – consider that the asking price, to be negotiated downward.

Swings in the real estate market may mean that the current taxable value on your property is inaccurate. In fact, according to the National Tax Payers Union, up to 60 percent of homes are overvalued. The more startling statistic? Fewer than 5 percent of taxpayersRead More »

Oft-Overlooked Rental Tax Deductions and 2014-2015 Benefit Extensions

Tax time is fast approaching, and owning rental properties means more prep work… but also deeper deductions. The required bookkeeping can seem overwhelming at first, but for the average landlord it doesn’t have to keep you up all night. In essence, it just comes down to declaring all of your rental income and claiming every deduction. You can hire an accountant to file your taxes, or do it yourself by completing a Schedule E (FormRead More »

Recent News Articles

Why_Does_Eviction_Take_So_Long_SQUARE Why Does Eviction Take So Long?
You want your tenants out and you want them out today. You have been more than patient, your tenants are taking advantage of you, and things are only going to get worse. So, why can't you just kick them out immediately? Wouldn't any judge understand that eviction is appropriate under these typical scenarios? • Tenants haven't paid rent in months. • Tenants let other people move in and never told you or asked permission. • The last time tenants let you in to inspect, you saw the unit was trashed. These examples – among many others – are lease violations and landlords do not have to put up with them. And, yes, action is definitely called for. Unfortunately, far too many landlords make wrong assumptions about the action they are per Read More »
134844759_m A Proposed Federal Rule Change Has Landlords Anxious
Alarm is spreading among rental property owners over a proposal that would hold them liable if they failed to stop their tenants from harassing other tenants who are protected by anti-discrimination laws. The Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development rule could be enacted as early as this fall. What has landlords with multiunit properties worried is that they would be held responsible for failing to stop discrimination action by one tenant against another tenant in a protected class – even if the landlord didn't know the discrimination was occurring. No need to panic, according to HUD. The rule is only a clarification of an existing policy. And since it doesn't call for any new duties on the part of landlords, HUD states, Read More »
Pokemon_Go_Away_V4_SQUARE Pokemon Go...AWAY!
Things were getting out of hand at the small senior center in Quebec City. Hordes of people gathered every evening on the lawn of the private center on a quiet residential street. Strangers set up chairs and spread blankets as if it were a public park. Using smartphones loaded with a hot new game, the crowds played late into the night. Some nights, according to seniors who live at the site, groups of more than 100 people played Pokemon Go until 3 a.m., keeping the neighborhood wide awake. The center director finally hired a security guard to shoo away trespassers, some of whom had been urinating on trees and dropping trash on the property. Read More »
Should_Your_Rental_Lease_Have_a_Marijuana_Clause_Square_V4 Should Your Rental Lease Have a Marijuana Clause?
Imagine that the single family home you own in a quiet neighborhood was just leased to a family that moved from out of state. You pop by a few weeks after lease-signing to drop off extra keys and see how they are settling in. Instead of beds, sofas and other décor, you find that each room has been fitted with grow lights connected to hazardous tangles of electrical cords. Your tenants have stripped your house of furnishings and converted it into a greenhouse for growing marijuana. Read More »
Landlord_Lease How Vulnerable Are Your Assets as a Landlord?
If you own rental property, you own assets that are at risk. Just as large corporations protect their assets, landlords must be sure their investments are protected, even if they have just one rental property. Read More »
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